Ach! Igor! Der bubbles, zey are not round!A Website Devoted to

Felix Cartagena's Adventures
on Planet Earth

More Bubbles!

Felix & a Bubble Machine on the Boardwalk!

Making Ephemeral Sculpture &
Bubble Contraptions

A prototype wind-sculptured bubble device
Sometimes you consult with the wind...

Can YOU make a bubble that looks like a whale?

Sometimes you get a
little publicity

A Bear-manned battery of bubble-makers in Sandwich, Massachusetts, 1998

But consultants and publicity are not as useful as reliable equipment and dedicated (albeit stuffed) assistants...

Bubbles and kites by the Smithsonian 2002

With a little help and inventiveness, it all comes together...

Republican bubbles.... Democratic bubbles... a VAST conspiracy...

Actually, the bubbles don't taste that good

...of bubbles and kites and bears and children young and old...

The bubbles belong to the People! bring us all together in wonder & joy on the National Mall.

More Bubble Contraptions

Someday all Emergency services will be equipped with portable bubble generators

Felix is a Next-to-the-Last-Samurai, kite-flying, bike ridin' kinda guy!

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